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I'm delighted to introduce you to thw famous Leonidas Chocolates. We feature the world famous Belgian Chocolates: Leonidas.

You'll delight in the scrumptious collection of pralines made with fresh butter cream, ganache, hazelnut and almond paste. Tempt yourself with truffles featuring rum, coffee, pistachio, champagne and coconut. Delight in our seashells and liqueur filled chocolates. Savour our fine solid chocolate, marzipan fruits and our unique 'without added sugar' range. We have wonderful gift ideas, elegant gift boxes and tins and stylish wrappings for seasonal holidays. Ask us too about custom packaging for your unique celebrations.

Leonidas, the famous Belgian chocolates are available in over 1750 shops worldwide including Brussels, Paris, London, New York, San Francisco Tokyo, Singapore, Montreal … and now Winipeg! Stop by and meet us; we are delighted to be here for you!

Stella Gower

What's new at Manon's

OPEN: Leonidas Chocolates WInnipeg

The Almond Tree at Forks Market now has this website and you can order from us starting today!

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